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The Story Seeds™ Podcast is a celebration of children’s creativity. On each episode, we will match kids and their story ideas with the imaginations of beloved storytellers who grow these “story seeds” into original short stories! The show will feature diverse and best-selling children’s authors including Dan Gutman, Veera Hiranadani, Tracey Baptiste, Aram Kim, Carlos Hernandez, Rajani LaRocca, and Chris Grabenstein.




Betsy Bird is a powerhouse in the world of kidlit. A librarian, blogger with School Library Journal, book reviewer for Kirkus Reviews, she was recently elected to the American Library Association’s Children's Literature Legacy Committee. Betsy is the co-author of Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature, author of the picture books Giant Dance Party and The Great Santa Stakeout, and editor of the anthology Funny Girl: Funniest Stories Ever which features stories by popular female children’s authors.

Listeners out there, use your imagination.
And dab on the haters!
— Irthan R., Age 11, Brooklyn, NY

Creativity Workshops

Our team of writers, educators, and storytellers has developed Story Seeds creativity workshops for children around a variety of literary themes. We have led workshops in NYC at Books of Wonder, Pono, and Brooklyn Public Library. Reach out to learn more about bringing a Story Seeds program to your school, library, bookstore, or community organization.

Strega Nona came to me out of the blue, but I often get [story] ideas from kids...Children will come up to me and say ‘Why don’t you write a story about...’
— Tomie dePaola


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